Cape Town marathon

The Sanlam Cape Town marathon (42.2km) is a prestigious global city race open to a range of running enthusiasts from elite athletes to social runners.  Along the spectacular route, you will take in the famous natural beauty of Cape Town’s mountains and sea, as well as many of the city’s great attractions. The Sanlam Cape Town marathon is home to ASA Marathon Championships. Running the marathon is unique way to experience the gorgeous highlights and the vibrant spirit of one of Africa’s most visited and most celebrated city.  It is an ideal race both for athletes who aim to achieve fast times, and for first-timers who want to finish their inaugural marathon.

3YO’s special offer – 12 week Cape Town marathon training program for 4 people – R3000

Paarl / Stellenbosch
June - September
13 Weeks
Personalized training program
Training peaks account
Squad runs
Weekly feedback
Race preparation
Organized long runs

Cape Town Marathon Program

New to running? Wow! 42.2km seems impossibly far?
Get ready for THE endorphin high. It will require a little bit dedication, a well designed Triple-Yell-O (3YO) 12-week training program, a lot of heart (you just reading this - we know you do!) and of course your training buddies to help motivate you on the long runs! At first it seems impossible, however with a slow and steady build of increasing your long run each week before you know it you will be ready for this monster task. You will need to set aside at least four days per week for your training.

A seasonal runner? Why can't I improve more?
With so much information and opinions available on training (social media, google and know-it-all training buddies) it does often lead to confusion and doubt. Too many cooks spoil the broth…

Are you one of the many runners whom often wonders if they are training correctly.
Could you be getting more from your running? Are putting in the training hours and not achieving the race you deserve?

Today is the day to seize the moment and make use of 3YO’ promo and finally get started on becoming the runner you know in your heart you can be.

Tired of improvising your own plan?
Solved! 3YO takes care of the guess work and plan it for you!

Fed-up of getting injured?
Solved! With 3YO guidance and monitoring we will help you steer clear of the show-stopper injury.

Wish someone could help you along the way?
Solved! Coach Annchen will monitor your fitness, fatigue and form using the tool Training peaks to manage your training. You will receive a weekly check-in WhatsApp message from her to see how you are doing. She does value and will answer your questions. Often It just the smallest of tweaks to training and bit of coach ‘motivation to achieve that goal time in a marathon.

So what is happening next?
After you sign up, you will receive an athlete questionnaire then get set up on your training plan in Training Peaks in less time than it takes to run a kilometer. How cool is that?

Training Peaks

One of the key tools for an athlete to achieve success in sport is a structured training program, and Training Peaks  (TP) is a powerful tool in
this regard. The tool allows for your 3YO coach to manage and uploads your weekly program to your account which is linked to the coach’ account. All you then need to do is check your program in the TP app on your phone, execute the session, and enjoy a hot shower afterwards. Coach Annchen will get notified via of your completed session and monitor your ongoing progress. Excited yet?

The Performance Management Chart

Some athletes loves the data otherwise leave it up to Coach Annchen. So for the data nerds ;-). The performance management chart is one of the key tools Coach Annchen will use to monitor your progress, advise whether your form is dipping (thus fatigue soaring) below a certain level to help steer clear of injury or illness and importantly to ensure you peak on race day. Training Peaks measures four factors that play a big role in getting you in the best shape to achieve your goals. They are Training Stress, Fatigue, Fitness and Form. Of these four aspects, form is the essence of Training Peaks and the info gets reflected on what Training Peaks calls the Performance Management Chart (PMC).

Cape Town marathon

Squad runs

3YO offers weekly squad runs in Stellenbosch and Paarl. Leading up to the Cape town marathon, 3YO will inform you of schedule long runs.

Cape Town marathon

Marathon program

Your training program will be a mix of running intervals, hill sessions, tempo runs, long runs, trail runs and races.

Cape Town marathon

Racing calendar

Leading up to the marathon we will recommend shorter races for you to get some race experience, and achieve smaller race goals. Our race calendar has loads of races in and around Stellenbosch, Paarl and Cape Town. Take a peak at the calendar for 3YO to plan it into your training schedule.

13 week Cape Town marathon training program R3000 for 4 people or R1000 per person

3YO has put together a comprehensive 12-week marathon program for you and your friends. For experience we know it just so much more fun to do the long runs with training buddies or intervals session with a squad.

The marathon package includes: personalized training program, TrainingPeaks account, squad runs (in Paarl, Stellenbosch and Boschendal), weekly feedback, race preparation, organized long runs.

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It’s not advise to play catch up unless it a recovery day / easy run followed by a harder interval run. You should not change the days so your long run follows on a hard interval training day. If in doubt contact your coach 😉
Lifting weights is optional during training. Light to moderate lifting can be good for increasing strength and confidence, but one does not have to lift weights in order to run a marathon.
Running shoes is a very important part of your running gear. To find the best pair for you we advise you to visit a run specialist store (like Run, Bree street in Cape town)
You need to set aside 4 possibly 5 days for training where training time for runs will be between 30-60min during the week days and the longer runs will be gradually build up to 2.5hours on a weekend
Heart rate monitors are helpful but not essential. It does help avoid overtraining and provides confidence as you can see your overall fitness level improve, but are optional.
Nutrition is so personal to individuals, natural is best! It is advise to trial and test on each long run you do what you nutrition you plan for race day.

Sanlam Cape Town Marathon Event Records: 

  • Men: 02:08:31 (2018) – Stephen Mokoka (South Africa)
  • Women: 02:29:28 (2018) – Helalia Johannes (Namibia)

The Sanlam Cape Town Marathon takes place on Sunday, 15th September, 2019

  • Race starts at 06h40
  • Start: Beach Road, corner of Granger Bay and Beach Road, Green Point, Cape Town
  • Finish: Vlei Road, Cape Town Stadium precinct, Green Point
  • Cut off time – Duration is 6 hours 30 minutes
  • The Marathon is a closed event consisting of 11 000 runners

ENTRY FEES – click here to enter the race


  • On-line Entries close at midnight on 26th August 2019, or when the maximum entry limit has been reached.  NO LATE ENTRIES accepted.
  • Substitutions will be done until 26th AUGUST 2019. No refunds will be processed. An admin fee will be charged for substitution entries
  • REGISTRATION and collection of race numbers takes place on the 13th & 14th September at the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon EXPO & Registration at the Century City Conference Centre
  • RUN GREEN: The Sanlam Cape Town Marathon event is a climate neutral event. We are encouraging all runners to help us support the #RunGreen campaign.
  • RACE RULES: Entrants undertake to abide by the RACE RULES 
  • Qualifying race for 2020 Old Mutual Two Oceans, Comrades Ultra-Marathons and several IAAF accredited marathons around the world